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Barks & Recreation is Fargo-Moorhead's first luxury pet resort offering pet sitting, dog lodging, daycare enrichment, training, & pet photography.

pet care counselor

Your Role

The Pet Care Counselor is responsible for the supervision, control & management of daycare dogs & ensuring the safety of the playgroup.  The counselor may also be assigned care of other animals lodging at the facility.  Additionally, the counselor is responsible for the maintenance & cleaning of the playrooms as well as other areas of the facility.

Why you’ll love this job

  • You love to work with dogs & communicate with clients

  • You have a passion for innovation, keeping up with trends & continuous education related to dog body language, training practices, & safety protocols

  • You are obsessed with excellence & quality

  • You enjoy working with clients & internal teams to create a positive & memorable experience for dogs & pet parents alike

  • You are team-focused & actively contribute to dog safety standards

  • You are compassionate & committed to positive behavior

  • You like to have fun!

job duties

Dog Management

  1. Interact with dogs in playgroups using appropriate toys & tools to ensure safe levels of play & minimizing stress levels of all dogs in playgroup.

  2. Control level of play by following dog management & control procedures.

  3. Use proper dog handling techniques including use of kennel leads to transfer dogs.

  4. Use proper dog introduction procedures.

  5. Use appropriate praise & dog redirection methods.

  6. Ensure you know all dogs in playgroup & can properly identify them.

  7. Watch all new dogs carefully & immediately report any unusual behavior, or eliminations & injuries.

  8. Review special needs list & manage dogs as instructed.

  9. Plan how dogs will be put in enclosures for meals in accordance to procedure. 

  10. Complete dog incident reports timely when required.

  11. Complete maintenance or repair reports as needed.

Lodging Dog Duties

  1. Provide & document potty breaks & exercise for lodging dogs as assigned. 

  2. Maintain each pet’s room to ensure that the dog has water & the room is clean & dry. 

  3. Perform lodging dog exercise sessions & give treats as assigned. 

  4. Ensure potty & room areas are clean at end of assignment.

Dog Grooming

  1. Perform bath/spa functions (nail trims & bathing) as requested by client & described on the groom card.

  2. Prepare dogs for bathing in accordance to procedures.

  3. Dry dogs completely.

  4. Keep bathing stations stocked with supplies, tools cleaned & ready for use.

  5. Keep groom shop clean.

  6. Follow safety procedures for pets & staff at all times.

Other duties as assigned

  • High school graduate or GED preferred

  • Good oral communication skills

  • Previous work experience demonstrating dependability

  • Previous experience providing animal care (personal or job related)

  • Previous customer service or hospitality experience preferred

  • Self-motivated, independent worker

  • Proven ability to follow instructions & learn new things

  • Ability to work in a team environment

  • Demonstrated flexibility & proven coping skills

What you bring to the table


Please first download the job application, then submit your job application & résumé.