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Barks & Recreation is Fargo-Moorhead's first luxury pet resort offering pet sitting, dog lodging, daycare enrichment, training, & pet photography.

Walkthrough Wednesday: Daycare Enrichment Play Equipment

Exercise is just as important for your dog as it is for you! Here at Barks & Recreation, we love to find new & exciting ways to challenge your pet both mentally & physically. Here is a look at just 4 of the pieces of equipment we use in our dog Daycare Enrichment Program:

  1.  The KLIMB system offers platforms that are interlocking to give your dog a nonthreatening place to call their own! For training purposes, we utilize these platforms for a “place” command, which is useful for pet parents who are looking for an alternative to their dog rushing to greet visitors without letting them in the door. In addition, these platforms offer the dogs a physical challenge, climbing & scaling them on the daily! 

  2. The K9 FitBone will give your dog a chance to work on their body conditioning. It allows each dog to work on their core strength, improves their coordination, builds confidence, & so much more! It’s a way to keep a busy dog challenged & engaged here during our Daycare Enrichment Program. 

  3. Our K9 BalanceTrax Peanut looks funny, but it packs a punch! It’s an integral part to building your dog’s core balance while promoting good form & building up their confidence as their abilities improve. 

  4. Last but certainly never least, we have Paw Pods! They might look like sea anemones, but they do serve a purpose. They have both a smooth & bumpy sides, which allow for a different & more dynamic balance challenge as well as neural stimulation from the bumps. It also helps develop puppy motor skills.